Welcome to the Beck Diet Solution Blog! I’m Deborah Beck Busis, LCSW, the Director of Beck Diet Programs. I’m the daughter of Dr. Judith Beck, the author of The Beck Diet Solution, and also the only diet coach that she has trained. A big part of my job (and my favorite part!) is meeting weekly with dieters and teaching them the cognitive and behavior skills they need in order to lose weight and keep it off. All of my dieters have difficulties learning these skills and they all make mistakes. They also all have triumphs and learn and grow so much through the weight loss process. I absolutely love and am honored to be a part of helping my clients change their lives for the better. This blog documents real sessions I have with dieters and usually explains what problems they face and how we helped them overcome them. We hope that you’ll find many of your own struggles and triumphs in this blog and that it will be helpful for you in continuing your own journey, wherever in it you may be.

For more information about The Beck Diet Solution, please see www.beckdietsolution.com


  1. Has this proven with women who have only had to book to work from? Or, were they always in therapy or in a group?

  2. I am about to complete my third week on this program using the book alone. I have never been able to stick to a diet for more than a few days before. This is the missing link for me and every time I feel shaky, I return to the book and do exactly what it tells me. I am down nearly 5 lbs. My method is to count calories and eat six times a day. Having a plan before the day even starts is by far the biggest help. Having specific times to eat is almost as important. My only slip was 1 small pretzel. However, I took that very seriously because I will not allow erosion to take place with the only thing that has ever really made a difference. Being able to work in some of my favorite things or a special event is also important. You can do it!
    If I plateau for 2 weeks, I will shave off 100 calories and do 20 minutes of yardwork 4 times a week to get the scale to move again. That is in addition to my usual planned exercise, which is not excessive. Without the book, I wouldn’t have known how to handle it. Now I know what to do. And the yardwork is kind of fun anyway.

  3. I just got the book and am glad to find this web site as a supplement to it. I’ve read books on cognitive therapy and on Albert Ellis’s simiar REBT and helped myself solve other problems in living. I will be checking in regularly to see how everyone is doing and to report my experiences.

  4. I purchased the book the day after Christmas, 2007, and I am excited by what I am reading. I have just typed my reasons for wanting to lose weight into a business card template and will print in the morning–multiple copies. I’ll punch a hole in the corner and thread together with a piece of yarn and keep a set in my nightstand for reading before bed, in a drawer in the bathroom to read in the morning, in a desk drawer by my PC, in my purse, in my car, and on a shelf in the kitchen. I want these reasons everywhere!

  5. Hi,
    I’ve set up a blog to help me follow the Beck Solution plan. http://www.ohwellnochoice.blogspot.com.

    I went from 320lbs to 147 lbs on my own (maintaining for 5 years), but now I’m back to 200 lbs after only a few years. I need some extra help. I think cognitive therapy will help me reach my goal to lose 50 more pounds!

    I’d appreciate all the support I can get, so please leave me encouraging comments!

  6. I read your book in 2007. I see a CBT to work on all my issues and even had a breakthrough. I also joined weightwatchers as my 2nd choice of diets and have sucsessfully lost over 25 pounds! I go to a group meeting each week and keep a food diary. I weighed 187 pounds and now weigh 161 pounds. I am aiming for a goal of 120 even though my lifetime member goal is 140. I love love love your book. It has helped me in more areas of my life including my eating issues. I was a bereaved parent as well as a mother of a slightly disabled son. I also found out I have a cyst at the base of my brain and currently seeking help for that. I am now a strong healthier confident and goal oriented person. Thank you so much Judith Beck.

  7. I bought and read your book last year! What a sucessful approach to my out of control weight. I was already trying to follow the YODA diet, but when I read Beck…I was hooked, I followed the plan, read and reread chapters and for the first time I lost 25 lbs. I was quite excited.

    My mother came to stay with me for several months. I usually go through lots of stress during her visitis, stop going to the gym and just become miserable. This year was different, although I did not keep my committment to the GYM on my lunch hour, always seemed to need to do errands. I did, however, use my newly learned Beck skills and did not regain a single pound. Sometimes I went up a pound or two, but they always came right off.

    Momma has returned home, I am recomitted as ever. I took my Beck Solutions out and started a new program. Even though I read the book some time ago, I feel I need to recommitt. I was able to maintain my weight loss, which proved an important thing to me….I can make a difference in my own life.

    Thank you for such an awesome plan…it is part of my daily life.


  8. Hi everybody,
    I started the “Beck diet” two days ago, but I have a problem with finding a coach. I am new in the US, this is why I do not know anybody close enough. Do you think it would also work if I find a person in the internet who is looking for a coach in return? This would mean we regularly write emails to each other to talk about problems and success we have.
    Thanks a lot

  9. Hi Debbie and Dr. Beck, I am a personal trainer and have been searching for a tool to help my clients deal with the “mind” part of dieting. I haven’t read your book yet but this blog has gave me tons of ideas for helping my clients. I can’t wait to read your book! Thank you for all that you do.


  10. Hello everyone. I am just starting with the Beck Diet for Life book and am seeking a weight loss buddy for email based support. I live in the East Bay (Oakland, CA).
    Any takers? Best Regards, Annie

  11. I just had a baby and turned 30. Physically, I felt overwhelmed at trying to look and feel like I did before I gave birth. Besides exercising, I wanted to re-learn how to eat healthy and stick to a diet. I found diet solution program and read up on all of the aspects of dieting. This book is extremely useful because it covers all topics related to weight loss, including…

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